Did your 2020 marketing strategy get impacted by the global pandemic? Many businesses had to quickly adapt to the “new normal” and make adjustments on how to gain & retain customers to keep afloat.

One of the largest contributing industries in the U.S. was significantly impacted. The restaurant industry shifted service from dining-in to take-out/curbside to stay in business. According to Statista, “Today, the marketplace for food delivery and takeaway is soaring, a trend that will likely continue to influence restaurant operations and reshape the dining experience in the United States for years to come.” In offering digital marketing services, we learned how the digital space saved companies from going out of business.

We collected our top 3 trends for 2021 that are here to stay!

1. Local SEO – Google consistently updates its local SEO algorithm, so if you are a local company, you should also regularly update the appearance of your business in local results. Local SEO connects you with local people searching for what your business has to offer. For example, if a customer is looking for the “Best Sushi Carryout/ Curbside Pickup in River North”, it will be very powerful for your restaurant to have a high Local SEO ranking for the search term “River North, Chicago”.

2. Virtual Events – Virtual events began out of necessity due to the COVID pandemic, but with the increased ROI and accessibility, they are here to stay! Companies noticed that by going virtual, they opened up their event to an entirely new audience than events held in-person. Continued virtual events in 2021 will allow for increased attendance and participation, which in return brings lower costs and higher ROI. For example, locate your customer email list and invite them to virtual events via great speakers, rich content, and some fun. Of course, the trick is to get innovative and drive engagement!

3. Customer Segmentation – Segmentation of consumers means grouping the target audience according to certain attributes or activities, such as demographics or shopping habits. This helps you to customize your marketing efforts more precisely to suit their preferences. For example, our A/B testing method let’s you create two separate email lists for large spenders and small spenders, and send separate emails highlighting different items to each one.

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