The Secret is Frequency!

The most important thing you can do to have an engaged and responsive audience is to show up regularly in the consumers inbox. It is unrealistic to believe that consumers will take action after receiving 1 email in their inbox (unless they are a current customer getting an awesome offer from you). We buy from individuals and businesses we know, like, and trust. Email marketing helps form the relationship needed to see profitable change.

Frequency -> Brand Awareness -> Value -> Sales

How to deliver frequency emails to prospects without overspending?
Determine a weekly or monthly schedule and commit to it! Set yourself up for success by planning ahead and creating the email ad weeks in advance to hit your goals. Use the data to decide how frequent is too frequent, who is responding who isn’t?

For example: We suggest a new advertiser’s commitment in sending 4 email ads (frequency!) in a month’s timespan. Pick a day of the week that works best for you and send to the same targeted audience. Repetition is key!

How to be profitable with email marketing?
Include value and integrate with other channels! What does your email contain inside that benefits your audience? Are you getting in front of that audience again with display ads and direct mail?

Give your targeted prospects an incentive to hang around. Think about the kinds of topics that attract your ideal customers, and offer them some freebies. A few suggestions could be a promo code, free gifts, PDF download, a video tutorial or a sale announcement. Something enticing that will drive opens/clicks to get the attention of your audience. This will also give them the expectation that your emails have importance!

Choose frequency (and integrated programs) and start profiting from email now!
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