Many companies prefer to hire new employees to take on in-house marketing roles rather than outsourcing. This approach can decrease costs by allowing companies to maintain tight control over their workflow. But handling all marketing in-house can often end up costing more. You may need to rethink your marketing strategy if it isn’t generating tangible results and isn’t designed to grow your business.

So what are signs that your company would benefit from outsourcing marketing projects?

Here are red flags that it’s time to start outsourcing your marketing:

1. Despite your best efforts, your revenue needs to grow faster. If your marketing efforts need to generate more ROI, enlisting an outside agency’s help is a good idea.

2. Is your in-house marketing team understaffed and overworked? It’s no secret that marketing has long been one of the most challenging jobs at any organization. A recent study revealed that 73 percent of marketers are now officially burned out from the job. Outsourcing can reduce the workload if you cannot afford to hire another full-time employee.

3. Do you keep missing deadlines? If you need to catch up on your projects, outsourced marketing can help alleviate that pressure.

4. Are your marketing campaigns last minute? If you find yourself quickly throwing together campaigns, you probably need to get the best results. A marketing agency will spend the time and resources to plan a campaign that generates results.

5. Are you putting tasks before strategy? Sometimes it takes a 360-degree overview to see the greater vision and goals. A marketing firm has a more broad perspective and can create fresh ideas for your campaign.

6. Keep Hitting a Wall? Here’s How to Get Better Marketing Results. If you’re flat-out disappointed with the marketing results you’ve been getting, try your campaign in the hands of an experienced firm.

So if you’re unsatisfied with your marketing efforts, why not give an outside firm a shot?

Realize these Benefits of Outsourcing your Marketing.

Lower Costs: Outsourcing is cheaper & easier than hiring in-house.

Increased Efficiency: You can scale up outsourced marketing as needs arise in your organization without a long-term commitment.

Marketing Expertise: From lead generation tactics to email workflows, a marketing agency has the training and tools to cater to all stages of the buyer’s journey.

Fresh perspective: It’s easy to fall into the same patterns and go-to strategies. A marketing agency can approach your strategy from a new point of view.

Better ROI: An agency can tap into data-driven marketing for better ROI.
Increase your Speed to and Accelerate Growth. Outsourcing your marketing gives you access to a cross-functional team that is proven successful and ready to hit the ground running.

Flexible, Nimble, & Scalable: Outsourcing improves flexibility by scaling support up or down as needed.

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