Meet the MMi leadership team!

We’ve been fortunate to have amazing employees since 2009, generating meaningful impact and compelling experiences that deliver results for our clients. In every business, the sales department plays a critical role in the growth of the company.

Get to know Jake as we ask him 🔥10 burning questions🔥 below:

  1. Quick elevator pitch of your role at MMi…go!
    • I partner with all different types of companies to make Measured better for it’s clients in every way possible.
  2. To wake up: One alarm or multiple?
    • One alarm
  3. First thing you check? Email or Social
    • Email
  4. How do you get your news? 
    • I used to work for the news, so for headlines I still subscribe to a few local outlets. For sports, I use The Athletic, it has quickly become one of my favorite sources for sporting news and insight.
  5. Morning beverage of choice?
    • Coffee
  6. Office or Work From Home?
    • Work from anywhere, but enjoy the perks of added communication in an office.
  7. The best spot in Chicago for happy hour?
    • I have a few friends that work in the restaurant industry and I try to support them as much as possible by visiting their business. Happiest when I am with friends and family.
  8. Favorite MMi product/service we offer?
    • Measured does a great job in offering all the latest in digital ad tech while still enhancing its core offerings. Finding that unique balance within the product mix to effectively advertise is something we excel at in offering our clients.
  9. Just for fun… favorite emoji! 
    • Cowboy Hat 🤠
  10. If you won front row tickets to any Chicago sports team, which game are you going too?
    • Chicago White Sox World Series. Left field Bleachers near the Sox bullpen. I had the opportunity to go with my dad when they won it in 2005 and will never forget that experience. 

Contact him directly at to partner with MMi or send a friendly hello 🤠