We are excited to introduce you to our Director of Sales Support, Cody Sparbeck!

We recently posted about the importance of customer retention on LinkedIn. We touched on strategies to re-engaging with customers who have already purchased products/services at your business! We value our presale team who lays the groundwork for our sales team and prepares for the success of upcoming campaigns. In preparation for a campaign, the presale team identifies targeted audiences and recommends digital platforms that align with the advertiser’s goals, along with other helpful deliverables.

Get to know Cody as we ask him these 🔥 burning questions 🔥 below:

1. Quick elevator pitch of your role at MMi…go!
Oversee our Presale and Order Processing departments. Main goal is to provide solutions to our clients and deliver marketing campaigns that exceed expectations. We pride ourselves on our service.

2. To wake up: One alarm or multiple?
I set 3 all 10 minutes apart. I’m not proud of this

3. First thing you check? Email or Social
I’ll check my email and then jump on Twitter

4. Morning beverage of choice?
Glass of water and a coffee

5. Office or Work From Home?
I like the flexibility of both but prefer an office setting

6. The best spot in Chicago for happy hour?
Happy Camper

7. Favorite MMi product/service we offer?
Multi-Channel. Our ability to reach an individual across any channel or device is unmatched. It truly creates the full consumer experience.

8. Just for fun… favorite emoji!

9. What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it

Contact him directly at cody.sparbeck@measuredmktg.com to learn more about our presale and order processing departments.