Meet the MMi leadership team!

We wanted to put a face to the name when you contact Measured Marketing about our products & services that we offer.

Get to know Brian as we ask him 🔥10 burning questions🔥 below:

Q: Quick elevator pitch of your role at MMi…go!
A: My position is focused around one universal goal, and that is to provide effective solutions in the most efficient ways, which I orchestrate by building new relationships and partnerships.

Q: To wake up: One alarm or multiple?
A: Multiple, sometimes I can trick my body into thinking I get more sleep.

Q: First thing you check? Email or Social
A: Always Email

Q: How do you get your news?
A: I do enjoy a good podcast every now and then, but I mainly use the internet checking Business Insider, Radio Online, and of course Apple News to keep an eye out for important changes.

Q: Morning beverage of choice?
A: OJ or Coffee, as a Chicagoan, I’m not against having iced coffee in the winter.

Q: Office or Work From Home?
A: I’m a people person and a true believer of how the environment you work in affects productivity. A mix of both provides a great balance!

Q: The best spot in Chicago for happy hour?
A: I’m a big fan of Ceres Cafe in the Board of Trade after a really long day, otherwise it’s hard to turn down any of the nice patios or rooftop spots in the summer.

Q: Favorite MMi product/service we offer?
A: I would put MMi’s service up against any others, any day. Today, sales and marketing teams have a full plate whether it’s due to being spread too thin or the overwhelming new digital trends and offerings they need to continue to be an expert on. This is where MMi truly shines in taking that weight off rep’s/marketer’s shoulders so they can do what they do best.

Q: Just for fun… favorite emoji!
A: The beer glasses cheering, it just symbolizes a good time.

Q: If you won front row tickets to any Chicago sports team, which game are you going to?
A: Blackhawks center ice, ideally against the Detroit Redwings. It’s always fun getting back in the office with Michigan natives after a Chicago win!

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