Most business owners don’t have the time to handle follow-up campaigns. Follow up campaigns take time, effort and strategy. You may wonder where to draw the line between persistence and annoyance. When it comes to reaching out to prospects or current clients, one of the most critical tactics is to set up successful follow-up campaigns. This is how you do it!

Frequency Strategy
Frequency is the key to closing the sale and turning a prospect into a customer. It creates familiarity, which leads to engagement and sales.The average number of touch-points today’s consumer uses before making a purchase is 6*. It’s a must to reach consumers on multiple channels, often, so when they are ready to buy they think of you.

Modify Your Messaging
There are more than 244 million Email Users in the U.S. today**. These users receive a significant amount of email every day. Messaging should be changed based on your targeted audience response. If you have a 10% email open rate, there are still 90% of that audience that didn’t open yet. Keep sending the same messaging to the 90% and modify the subject line, design and/or offer for the individuals who did respond by opening and/or clicking.

Be Strategic About Your Timing
There is a science to scheduling advertising follow-ups, this is why a full advertising program is crucial to your success. When you put together an integrated advertising campaign the timing is key. Timing all depends on which advertising tactics you are using.

Think Integrated: Digital Advertising + Direct Marketing
Digital is a vital part of any advertising strategy, and it’s especially useful for follow-up promotions. We forget about the tried-and-true contact methods, like direct mail, in our tech-obsessed world. A successful campaign involves multiple channels and an integrated approach combining digital and direct marketing. This approach pushes prospects, lapsed customers, and current customers through the sales funnel.

Invest in the Right Agency to Get the Job Done For You
Consistent follow up is a big part of closing a deal and moving a customer up the product ladder. Letting the experts handle your advertising for you increases your ROI and allows you to do what you do best — run your business.

*Source: MarketingWeek

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