When technology advances, so does email advertising.

There has never been a more exciting time in email design than this year. It is important to design emails in a way that is easy for consumers to scan, understand what the email asks, and take action. We turn to designers to lead us in the emerging digital innovations that enhance the design of emails.

With the increased online activity of consumers, we want to help you capture every lead possible by including these key design trends.

3D Product Photography
Simple, large, beautiful product placement with no discernible background. This minimalist approach has been around for awhile, but has gained popularity with brands like Apple. We’ve seen more and more of this in the past year.

Animated GIFs, big or small, can add a big umphf to your email design. Whether you are animating the main image to have movable text and imagery, or something smaller like flashing/rotating icons, Animated GIFs help keep eyes on your ad for that few, important seconds longer.

Styles from Different Eras
Whether your design is harkening back to the 50s, or launching into the future, identifiable era design has become popular and can initiate a feeling of nostalgia and comfort and trigger positive emotions.

Diversity and Inclusion
Racism and equality are at the forefront more than ever. It’s important to identify in your design the variety and diversity of your target audience. Make sure you represent that your company is inclusive with a diverse community and that these values are important.

Mix and Match
Your email design can become more dynamic by mixing and matching your styles. Pair up beautiful photography with interesting line illustrations, or use contrasting color palettes. Differing styles can keep the viewer off kilter, and maintain their attention a little bit longer to communicate the message.


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