Data & Privacy in 2022 | What the Apple iOS 15 update means for your Advertisers

What is the Apple iOS 15 Update?
Any Apple users who update their Apple device to iOS 15 will choose whether they want to activate “Mail Privacy Protection” on any Apple Mail apps they use to read emails.

What does this mean?
This allows users to control and monitor the app’s use of their data. Once a user opts-in to Mail Privacy Protection, all of their emails within the Apple Mail apps used, are currently marked as opened, even if they aren’t touched by the user.

  • The adoption rate is still to be determined – we expect this trend towards more consumer privacy will continue with other providers.
  • Email open rates are currently inflated due to the iOS change. This could go in a completely different direction should Apple make additional changes to this protection for consumers.

The iOS effect on campaigns
Inflated open rates (this could change if Apple changes something else).

  • This impacts open rate guarantees, retargeting and responder files.
  • What this means for campaigns:
    • No more open rate guarantees.
    • Sunsetting the email retargeting offering.

Email is relevant and still impactful — we just need to change the conversation!
Inflated open rates (this could change if Apple changes something else).

  • Shift the focus to transparent metrics that are still available:
    • Clicks: shows engagement with the ad and the website.
    • Conversions with frequency: using a matchback analysis will show attribution and ROI.
  • Integrate email with other channels that are more conversion-based (multi-channel, website visitor pixel and direct mail).

Solutions: Execute effective campaigns with transparent results

  • Focus on clicks vs. opens and conversions with matchback reporting.
  • Provide the advertiser with the responder file that has all clickers flagged.
  • Use Multi-channel to reach the entire audience.
  • Install the Website Visitor Pixel and receive a profile and postal file of site visitors.

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