DATA & ANALYTICS Is your data working for you?

We find prospects that mirror your best customers and segment your database to optimize your marketing budget. We revel in telling stories from your data. No analytics project is too big, or too small, if it impacts your bottom line. Our mission is to gain actionable insights from your data.


What do your customers look like and how can you find more of them?

Where are your current customers located and future customers most likely to come from?

Create customer segments using Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value (RFM) to get the best value from your advertising budget.

Match any list against our database. Create look-a-like lists to advertise to through digital and/or direct mail.

Which of your marketing and advertising efforts are paying off? We can match your leads and customers to our delivered lists so you can see ROI!

Let us create a deeper understanding of your transactional and marketing data. We will craft a strategy to advertise to your current and past customers.

We clean your email and postal data so that you feel safer sending to it.

We append missing data to your marketing database so you can reach hot leads and customers via the right channel at the right time.

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