In the world of email marketing, there are two golden principles we HIGHLY recommend to follow:

  • Beware of purchasing email lists
  • Avoid the use of spam triggers

You cannot cheat the system when it comes to successful email marketing. It is most effective to build your own email list or team up with a reliable people-based platform of opted-in users. That way you know the prospects are receiving your email because they signed up for it! According to, “77% of people from all age groups prefer email marketing for permission-based advertising.” That’s primarily why email campaigns have a markedly better ROI than ads on social media. Neil Patel, one of Forbes’ top 10 marketers, says that 59% of email marketers see the highest ROI.

To get the best results on your next email campaign, make sure to follow these 5 simple steps to avoid landing in the SPAM folder.

  1. Don’t Use Spam Triggers
    • Special characters in your subject line will trigger spam.
  2. Don’t Use Deceiving Subject Lines
    • Remove any “Re:” or “Fwd:” in your subject lines. This will leave a bad taste in the receiver’s mouth.
  3. Be Smart With Your Word Choice
    • Minimize the use of risky terms such as “free”, “buy”, “promo”, etc. This will decrease the chance of your emails landing in the spam folder.
  4. Ask Your Prospects to Whitelist Your Domains
    • By prospects adding your “From” address to their address books will allow for all future emails to not be marked as spam and land in the inbox folder as a trusted source.
  5. Have a Clear “From” Name
    • Use trustworthy “From” field names, such as: “contact@”, “info@”, “support@”, hello@”.

Follow these 5 basic steps in email marketing best practices to significantly increase the inbox placement rate and lead to more email conversions!

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