The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in content generation has become a hot topic of discussion in the marketing industry. In fact, it is estimated that companies are already using this technology to create more than 80% of their content. However, not all business owners are aware of how AI can help them improve their digital marketing strategy or even how it works.

Types of AI-Generated Content

  • Text – Used to create personalized and dynamic content for your website or social media pages. For example, you could use it to publish articles based on customer queries that come in through your live chat feature on the site. This would allow you to provide more relevant information about products or services in real time (and thus increase conversions).
  • Images and videos – AI can also generate images and videos at scale so that businesses don’t have to hire humans anymore–which means they’ll save money while still getting quality results!

How Is AI Generated Content Used in the Marketing Industry and by Which Companies?

  • How It’s Used: AI generated content can be used for a variety of purposes, including social media posts, blog posts and articles. Some companies use it as a way to provide an additional layer of transparency to their customers; others use it because they believe it will make their marketing efforts more effective.
  • Examples: Some examples include IBM Watson’s partnership with the NBA (National Basketball Association), which leverages IBM’s cognitive computing platform to support player training through personalized insights based on real-time data analysis; or Salesforce Einstein Bot Studio, which allows developers to create intelligent conversational apps that connect businesses with customers via messaging platforms such as Slack or Facebook Messenger.

Challenges and Limitations of AI-Generated Content

  • Homogenization: The risk of homogenization is a concern for marketers, who want to ensure that their brand remains unique and differentiated from competitors in order to stand out in the marketplace. AI can create more generic content that lacks originality, which can be detrimental to brands’ reputation if they do not have control over their messaging or if they are unable to build an emotional connection with consumers through their messaging.
  • Ethical Concerns: Ethical concerns around automation include job displacement as well as privacy issues related to data collection and usage by third parties such as advertisers. For example, some companies may not want their employees using AI tools at work because they might be concerned about how much time employees spend on these tasks versus doing other work tasks that are more important for company productivity.

In addition, marketers should think carefully about whether it makes sense for them personally if someone else creates all of their marketing materials instead of having complete ownership over what gets published under your brand name.

Benefits of Using AI-Generated Content for Marketing and Communication

AI-generated content is an excellent way to automate your marketing and communication processes. By using artificial intelligence, you can create personalized and engaging content at scale, which will save time and money while increasing productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Automation – AI allows brands to create personalized messaging based on each customer’s preferences or behaviors without manual intervention from marketers or customer service agents (CSRs). This improves engagement rates by making sure that every customer receives relevant information about products or services relevant for them instead of generic messages sent out indiscriminately across all channels at once.
  • Content personalization – AI helps companies gain an edge over competitors by providing personalized experiences to customers during website, app, or social media interactions.


AI-generated content offers a unique opportunity for companies to tell their story in new and exciting ways. While there are still limitations on what this technology can do, it’s clear that AI has a bright future.

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