We Empower You With A Complete Suite Of Digital Products

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We Empower You With A Complete Suite Of Digital Products

How It Works

Working 100% behind the scenes MMi provides broadcasters and publishers with targeted digital ads, acquisition email ads and integrated data-driven strategies for resale to their Advertisers. Targeted digital ads and prospecting email ads are in high demand by Advertisers, and quickly generate millions of dollars in added revenue and profit for media companies.

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Create A New Profit Center

Meet Advertiser demand for digital ads and acquisition email campaigns and generate huge profits without increasing your sales cost.

Leverage Your Sales Force

Increase closing ratios on every sales call and generate new revenue and profit when you add digital ads and acquisition email to your media mix.

Get Results For Advertisers

Delight advertisers with proven results with comprehensive back-end open and click reports that will keep your Clients running long term, repeat campaigns.

What We Offer

  • Turnkey DIGITAL AD AND email services at wholesale prices.

    Sell at retail, pay at wholesale and establish a new profit center quickly and with no up-front costs!

  • Integrated Data-Driven strategies.

    No other wholesale supplier offers cutting-edge, data-driven strategies integrated with digital ad and email campaigns that are not only priced right — but get results for Advertisers.

  • 100% branded for your business.

    We are a silent partner working behind the scenes to give your sales team more to sell on every call and to every Advertiser in all business categories.

  • Customized DIGITAL ADS AND Email List Targeting.

    Geographic and demographic targeting is customized for your media footprint and gives you reach beyond your primary circulation or broadcast area! With MMi in your back pocket you can provide Advertisers with effective, integrated, multi-channel advertising campaigns bundled with your own broadcast or print products.

  • Comprehensive sales training.

    Full-service sales support from prospecting to proposal and to selling repeat business: Our on-site sales training and ongoing daily sales support for managers and for Sellers is proven to maximize your digital advertising sales revenue and profit.

Why Us?

  • Our Distributors generate millions of dollars in new revenue and profit, selling our products at 100% margins over cost.

  • Our data-driven digital ad and email products are in high demand by Advertisers — they want to buy what our Distributors are selling!

  • There is no up-front investment or contract to sign — begin with a no-obligation pilot program.

  • We train your reps and provide daily presale and post-sale support.

  • Our integrated digital ad and email products can be your solution for:

    • Selling high-profit, stand-alone digital ad and email campaigns

    • Offering Advertisers full scale, integrated, data-driven campaigns

    • Driving registrations, promotions and ticket sales

    • Sending significant new traffic to your "listen live" link or to your promotional website

    • Selling Gift Guides, Newsletters, Calendars and offering unique tactics like weather triggers, video, audio ads and more!